Infertility Counselling

Experiencing involuntary childlessness is an exceptional case and often leads to the persons concerned being confronted with the question of the meaning of life.

This issue can divide relationships, families and friends and is associated with thoughts like “all other people get babies if they have the desire for parenthood, however, my desire to have a child is not fulfilled”. Couples are often overwhelmed by their feelings and are ashamed of it. Only a minority of them speak openly about this topic.

The unfulfilled desire to have a child can be conceived as deep hurt because it is closely connected with self-esteem.

People concerned often lose their confidence in their own abilities and their decision-making power and ask themselves how far they should go.

A place of peace and relaxation is required to be able to pause. A place where sorrow and longing are welcome. A place where people concerned can find themselves and their strength to be able to make the right decisions (e.g. concerning the question as to whether and to what extent they want to make use of artificial insemination).

My ten years’ experience as counsellor for people desiring to have a child showed me how important it is to have an understanding person where persons concerned can express their thoughts and feelings. In the practice of a counsellor they will also learn that they are not the only persons involved in this issue.

I am working closely with cooperation partners and I am member of Beratungsnetzwerk Kinderwunsch Deutschland (counselling network for people with the desire for parenthood, Germany) and recognised and certified by this network as “counsellor for people with the desire to have a child”.

My methods take into account your individual situation and proved to be successful.


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