My Service - Art therapy

  • promotes your personal and professional development
  • reduces everyday stress
  • helps in relationship and life crises
  • stabilises in post-traumatic experiences

Growth and healing take place via verbal and non-verbal processes. Art therapy allows us to explore and understand personal issues and feelings more deeply than with words alone.

Looking at the own biography can help to understand adaptations to living conditions and experiences which may have become superfluous today. Art therapy is a solution-oriented approach to heal violations and to increase your wellbeing and life satisfaction.

My job is to accompany this process and to strengthen your independent decision-making and self-responsibility to enable you to make and bear appropriate decisions.

The basis for a good cooperation between client and therapist is security and trust. In my practice, you will find a “protected space” to be able to reflect your situation and to get involved in something “new”.

I use art therapy, systemic and Gestalt therapeutic methods which help you on your journey of understanding and growing.

All data and information are strictly confidential and are subject to professional discretion.


  • What moves me

    • Every 2 weeks from 7.00-9.00 p.m.
  • Creative painting group

    • Continuously every 2 weeks

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